6 Female Entrepreneurs & The Shoes They Walk In

We’ve seen a lot of major events happen in this world over the past few years - positive, negative, crazy and downright unprecedented (you know what we’re talking about here). Of all these things, the rise of power women in the workplace is one of the most meaningful and exciting movements of all time that benefits EVERYONE. FYI: We’re calling this a movement, because as much as we want it to be considered a norm, we’ve still got a long, long way to go.

Who runs the world?
A power woman is someone who is, simply put, absolutely killing it in whatever they’re doing. They just so happen to also be doing it while looking uh-mazing and with shoes that are always on point - that’s an entire mood on its own. From running a thriving business that they started from scratch, to leading strong teams in a senior position, to growing a side hustle that was once just a dream - each and every one of these women have taken those momentous steps to smash the glass ceiling. Their hard work, sweat, sacrifices and belief in themselves have motivated more women to do the same. You know what they say, “behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back.”

Power Woman, Female Entrepreneur, Girlboss – there are tons of terms out there describing them. But let’s focus more on the actual women, who are making their marks across various workplaces and industries in Australia. Remember these names:

Carla and Elissa Noto | Phurgus

Phurgus Founders
Melbourne-based sisters Carla and Elissa Noto are the founders of Phurgus, a label specialising in faux fur outerwear with a strong focus on minimising product and fabric waste. They’re the bold girlboss besties that we would trust our life with in every situation - from advice on how to set up our next business to the outfit we should wear for our next date.

Louise Hvala | Maeja Gifting & Gatehouse Legal Recruitment

Louise Hvala
Who says you have to stick to one thing? Louise Hvala is the CEO of Gatehouse Legal Recruitment and Maeja Gifting. Being the CEO of two very different worlds, Louise proves on a daily basis that it’s possible to invest your time into multiple things that interest you and see them grow. It’s time to stop putting one label on yourself and explore all your opportunities.


Anna Lee
Being the COO of Australia’s largest online fashion & lifestyle retailer, no two days are ever going to be the same for Anna. While she’s now heading up the operations team, Anna originally joined THE ICONIC as the CFO. Why does this matter? Because she’s our constant reminder that even as a leader, you can never stop learning and evolving.

Monica Limanto | Petsy

Monica Limanto - Petsy
If you’ve ever felt that your dream hustle was out of reach because it was too different to your current experience, then meet Monica. You might know her as the CEO and Co-Founder of Petsy, one of Australia’s fastest growing pet insurance providers. What you might not know is that before diving into the world of pets and start-ups, Monica started her career in design. This is your calling to get out there.

Rosa-Clare Willis | Crockd

Crockd - Rosa Willis
Sometimes the best ideas come to you unexpectedly. Just ask Rosa, Co-Founder of Crockd, offering D.I.Y pottery kits that encourage conversations about mental health while getting creative at home. While every brand appears ‘polished’ from the outside, the idea of Crockd was originally born after a failed attempt to buy clay - Rosa and fiancé Andrew had bought the wrong stuff! Since then, they have adopted a real and ‘nothing-is-ever-perfect’ approach to growing their creative business.

The chat:

In this exclusive article for cherrichella, we were honoured to chat with this fierce group of inspirational individuals to pick their brains (and take a peek into their shoedrobes, of course). Let’s hand the mic over to our amazing contributors, as they talk about the stereotypes that they stomped all over in their workplace and what they look for when it comes to the perfect pair of power shoes.

What are your top 3 requirements when it comes to the perfect pair of shoes for work?

Carla & Elissa: First and foremost, they need to be comfy. We are always running around, whether it's around the studio or dropping samples to suppliers - so comfort is paramount. Secondly, they need to be black because we are true Melbourne girls through and through. Thirdly, did we mention comfy!?

Louise: I usually look for a tight-fitting pair of shoes. Something that won’t slip off when I walk. As much as I love stilettos I do prefer a shoe with a block heel - there have been many times my stilettos have been caught in the ground, caught in escalators and snapped off or flown off my feet - so embarrassing but really it happens.

Anna: They must be comfortable, of course. They also have to be well made as I keep and wear my shoes for years. And I like to coordinate my shoes with my outfit and have some fun with them so I always look for a pop of colour.

Monica: I like shoes that are comfortable to wear all day, are a good fit and nothing that is too tempting for any pups or kittens in the office to want to chew on. It’s a real thing!

Rosa: This is a great question. We spend most of our day-to-day work in a warehouse where we have to wear closed-in shoes for safety. Most people look forward to slipping into their ‘comfort’ shoes after hours, but I am always dying to find an excuse after work to dress up and put some heels on. As for work, we’re all about the sneaker life. The perfect pair of sneakers are comfortable, versatile (need to go well with anything!) and subtle in their design.

What shoes do you love wearing during winter?

Carla & Elissa: It's a no brainer for us, we love a combat chunky boot or a heeled cowboy ankle boot.

Louise: Knee High Boots. They go with everything during winter and are so stylish and sexy.

Anna: I do a lot of walking on my weekends so I live in sneakers pretty much all year round.

Monica: Boots and sneakers are my usual go-to winter shoes. I’m usually getting nudged by the dogs wanting to go for a walk during the day so definitely something comfortable.

Rosa: I’m all about a cute ankle boot!

Editor’s note: The verdict is in. The requirements for the ideal pair of power shoes might vary for each boss lady, but one rule stands tall - you need the comfiest shoes to keep up with you. Today the perfect work shoes can be a successful balance of function and fashion and thanks to the rise of the modern workplace removing silly dress codes, we can now embrace those sleek sneakers, comfy heels and cute ankle boots. Here’s to getting things done, while looking and feeling our very best!

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What’s one stereotype that you stomped on in the workspace?

Carla & Elissa: That women can't be their own boss!!

Louise: People often underestimate me and my talents because I come across quiet, softly spoken and shy but I am actually really confident with who I am. You don’t need to be loud to get noticed.

Anna: There’s a misconception that people who work in Operations are dull & boring. That couldn’t be further from the truth - we are passionate, energetic and hilarious to be around. The most fun one can have is in a high-vis vest!

Monica: When people find out you work in insurance, it’s usually a conversation killer as not a lot of people have a great relationship with their insurance company. It’s something that I definitely want to change along with breaking down a lot of the misconceptions around pet insurance and how it works. I don’t come from a typical insurance background, which I think has really helped me to approach things with a different perspective.

Rosa: People say that marketers don’t make good business owners. One thing I’ve heard all my life is that “marketers just make things pretty”. I totally stomp on this stereotype! I think being a marketer makes you an extremely powerful business owner.


Big thanks to Carla, Elissa, Louise, Anna, Monica, and Rosa for your words and thoughts. Their daily actions, big and small, challenge the status quo for women in the workplace and we can’t wait to see future female leaders and entrepreneurs follow in the same footsteps!

This cherrichella article is just one of many that celebrate the everyday female leaders and girlbosses in Australia. Stay tuned for more features on the women who inspire us in the coming weeks. Read our latest blog post here.

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