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      Everybody loves a sneaker right!? We had to create a cherrichella sneaker and the first version we are pretty chuffed with. Low profile, light weight, removable insole are just some of the features of our first sneaker in the collection. There is nothing better than a fresh pair of white sneakers and with free shipping on all Australian orders over $80 these fresh sneakers could be in your hands and your feet in no time! Remember, we give $1 from every sale to an Aussie project in need and you get to decide where to direct the contribution. x
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      • What is a womens sneaker?
        A women’s sneaker is a rubber-soled casual shoe. It is often made using man-made materials. Performance sneakers are made with technical features and casual or lifestyle sneakers are designed more for the look. Women’s sneakers are usually made using thinner lasts and with smaller sizes. Our cherrichella sneakers are made using European women’s shoe lasts. For size tips, make sure you read through our size guidelines and the product descriptions. Shop cherrichella sneakers.
      • Is the US size sneaker the same AUS australian?
        US sneaker sizes are the same as AUS sneaker sizes. They differ however from European and UK sizing. Why can’t all shoes be sized the same? It would make it so much easier right? We hear you. That’s why it is really important to know how your size compares by looking through the size guide and reading through the product descriptions. All cherrichella sneakers are made using European shoe lasts and our size guides show the comparison against US/AUS sizing. Check out the latest cherrichella sneaker collection here.
      • Are womens sneakers different to mens?
        Usually womens sneakers are made using a different last shape to mens sneakers. The last shape can often be thinner and shorter in size. Many big sneaker brands will make different colour options in their womens range compared to the mens. Our latest cherrichella sneaker collection is the perfect take on the modern sneaker. Available in multiple colours, these low profile sneakers are the perfect casual shoe to slip on before and after your next yoga session. Shop the latest cherrichella sneakers here.
      • Can a man wear womens sneakers?
        Of course a man can wear womens sneakers! Why would gender prevent someone from wearing a womens sneaker? Provided the person feels comfortable in the sneaker and the shoe fits the foot correctly we don’t see why not. Generally womens sneakers are made using small sizes and a thinner last shape however if they fit right and look great - we say go for it! All our cherrichella sneakers are made using European shoe lasts so check the sizing guide for further directions.
      • What are good quality womens sneakers?
        Good quality womens sneakers should last you a minimum 12 months of continuous wear. If they are performance sneakers and you are using them daily then it might depend on the type of training you are using them for. In general a good quality sneaker should hold your foot in the pattern securely and should be comfortable to wear while using them. Our cherrichella sneakers are the perfect casual runner that has been made using a low profile rubber outsole and an EVA wedge insert between with outsole and innersole to act as shock absorber. They are super lightweight and the perfect travel sneaker. Check out our latest colour-ups here.
      • What should I wear with white sneakers?
        White sneakers are the most versatile footwear of our time. They can (and have) been worn with practically any outfit. We absolutely love white sneakers with suiting. We love them casually with a pair of denim jeans. And we are obsessed with white sneakers and linen dresses. Our latest cherrichella white sneakers are the perfect sneakers to elevate your style. Using a low profile outsole and made super lightweight, they are the perfect sneaker choice to travel with, to head to the yoga studio in, or to just kick back in, with your friends on a lazy weekend. Check out the newest edition of our cherrichella sneakers here.
      • What can I wear womens sneakers with?
        The beauty about womens sneakers is that you can wear them with everything. Absolutely E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. Have you tried wearing sneakers with suiting? If you pull this look off you will exude confidence. The key with this look is matching with the right sneaker. Our tip: go with a white lifestyle sneaker. Another favourite look of our is oversized linen dresses with anklet socks and sneakers. You can never have enough sneakers and knowing that our cherrichella sneakers come in multiple colour options, get creative with your shoedrobe. Shop the latest collection here.
      • How do I style womens sneakers?
        Styling womens sneakers has never been so easy. Why? Because they go with everything. Literally anything can be styled with the right sneaker. Dresses. Denim. Suiting. Shorts. Swimwear. Dungarees. You name it, there is a sneaker that can work with your look. The key? Find the right colour sneaker. We recommend starting with a white sneaker. Something neutral. Our cherrichella sneakers are the perfect take on the modern lifestyle trainer. They are made with a low profile outsole. Super lightweight and with removable cork insoles, check out the variety of colour-ups that the cherrichella range comes in.
      • How do you wear white sneakers?
        Wearing white sneakers has never been so easy. They literally match with anything. Try wearing them with something easy like your favourite pair of jeans. Once you feel comfortable with this look, pair them back with your newest summer dresses. We love this look for a weekend date with our besties. The hardest choice to make is which white sneaker? If you want to step it up, try elevating your style with wide leg suit pants, a crisp white t-shirt and our white cherrichella sneakers. Shop the latest cherrichella sneakers here.
      • How do I keep womens sneakers clean?
        The best way to keep your new kicks clean is by storing them in a safe place, out of direct sunlight to avoid the colour from fading overtime. If they are a leather sneaker, spray them with a protector before wearing them. A handy tip. If you are going to clean them, make sure you do it as soon as you notice they are dirty. Don’t wait until you decide to wear them next. It will only make the task harder. Use a damp cloth that has been soaked in cold water to go over the sole. Another handy tip. If they are performance sneakers do not wash them in the washing machine. We have learnt from experience. They shrink! We have the same advice for our cherrichella sneakers. Clean them after use, and always work on small sections at a time with a clean damp cloth.
      • How do I maintain women sneakers?
        Maintaining womens sneakers is the same process for any womens shoes. Start by making sure that they are clean to begin with. Then look to store them in a clean storage place, away from any moisture or direct sunlight. This will avoid your new sneakers from attracting mold or the colour fading overtime. If you are going to clean your sneakers make sure you do it straight after wearing them. Waiting to clean them the next time you wear them will only make the job harder. The best place to store your new purchase would be the box they came in, or why not use our cherrichella tote bag that comes with every purchase. Shop cherrichella sneakers.
      • Are womens sneakers ok for work?
        We love wearing our cherrichella sneakers to work. We work in the fashion industry and our team is not bound by any dress guidelines. Wearing womens sneakers to work is certainly a thumbs up from us. It really depends on your line of work. Are you a professional tennis player? Then we are guessing womens sneakers are ok for work. Our rule with dress tips on all of our shoes is know the occasion you are dressing for. It makes it so much easier to decide what to wear. If sneakers aren’t ok but you want something more comfortable to wear to and from work, check out our low profile cherrichella sneakers. They are super lightweight so they are easy to slip on and off when you get to wear you are bound.
      • Can I wear women’s sneakers with formal attire?
        We love seeing confident women wearing sneakers with formal attire. Taking a stance against the stereotype that sneakers can’t be worn with formal attire is a massive thumbs up from us. Why shouldn't you? Styled correctly, then it is the ultimate sophisticated cool look. The key is choosing the right sneaker and the right colour of sneaker to pair back with your clothes. We love suit pants paired back with our white cherrichella sneakers. They are the perfect take on the modern lifestyle trainer. Lightweight and low profiled, they come in a variety of colours. Shop the latest sneakers in the cherrichella range here.
      • Can you wear a dress with sneakers?
        You sure can! We love the idea of wearing a dress with sneakers. Try wearing a floral summer dress with white ankle socks and our cherrichella sneakers. Complete the look with a straw hat, rattan bag and don’t forget your shades. We love white sneakers with dresses but try mixing it up with coloured sneakers. Our latest cherrichella sneaker collection is full of seasonal colours that can be paired back with your latest dress wardrobe. Knowing that $1 from every cherrichella purchase supports an Aussie project in need, they are the perfect sneakers to update your shoe closet with.
      • Why are cherrichella’s sneakers the most comfortable sneakers for females?
        Our cherrichella sneakers are the perfect casual sneakers that have premium comfort features too! They are made with a low profile rubber outsole and EVA wedge insert between with outsole and innersole to act as shock absorber. Our most popular sneaker style has a padded collar and padded tongue to add more comfort around the heel and across the vamp. They are super lightweight and the perfect travel sneaker. Check out our latest colour-ups here.
      • What are ballerina flats?
        Ballerina flats are commonly known as ballet flats. They are flat slip-on shoes that often come with a bow across the top of the pattern. Perfect for wearing every day, they slip-on on your feet and can be worn with pretty much any type of clothing. We love the look of our flats with a pair of jeans and oversized t. They are the type of style that can be worn every single day! At cherrichella we have merged the ballet flat with the traditional running sneaker. The concept behind this was to create the perfect flat. Throw them on with trackies, leggings, denim, shorts, literally anything you want. Check out our take on the modern sneaker.
      • What is a flat sole shoe?
        A flat sole shoe is a closed toe shoe with a sole that doesn’t use a heel. The soles can be made from leather, rubber, TPR, EVA, resin etc. They are often a popular choice of footwear because they are the first choice of footwear that we learn to walk in. Flat sole shoes can be made to look dressy or casual. We love using flat soles on our cherrichella sandals because they are the perfect summer style to spend the holidays in. Check out our latest flat sandals.
      • Are flat shoes bad?
        Any shoe is bad if it doesn’t fit you properly. Flat shoes can be particularly painful if the sole is too thin and doesn’t support your feet when walking. This often means you feel everything underneath your feet. No two feet are the same in the world, so our advice is to make sure when you try them on for the first time that they fit you well. That they support your feet. You don’t want flat shoes to be too tight because your feet can swell in the heat. Our take on the modern sneaker is the perfect flat because we use a low profile last with a layer of EVA in between the midsole and the rubber outsole. Check them out here.
      • Who invented flat shoes?
        Flat shoes dated back to the early 16th century and were worn, as they are today, by both men and women. Ballet flats became particularly popular when Rose Repetto handmade a pair of lightweight leather flats which became the brands signature look. Flats have come in and out of fashion but you just can’t beat the comfort of a well made flat. Did you know that when you purchase any cherrichella flats, or in fact any of our shoes, that $1 from the sale goes to an Aussie project in need? Together we can make a difference. Check out our latest flat shoes.
      • What is a shoe without laces called?
        The most common term for shoes without laces is slip-ons. Slip-ons can be made using sneaker soles, or more traditional types of footwear such as slippers, loafers or moccasins. We love the college loafer look and the casual interpretations of this style which became particularly popular in American culture. Loafers can come in many different designs with the most recognisable designs being the penny loafer and the tassel loafer. The best feature of shoes without laces is the ability to just slide them on your feet and get going. With free shipping Australia wide why not check out our latest cherrichella flats here.
      • What is a flat form?
        A flatform is a shoe that has a raised outsole. The outsole remains relatively flat in shape with relatively no pitch between the front part of the shoe and the heel. They were very popular in the 90’s and were made as sandals and closed toe shoes. We make our flatforms with a small amount of toe spring to allow the foot to rock forwards as you walk. With hidden comfort features such as our padded insoles and buttery soft uppers they are the perfect style to raise your height. Check out our cherrichella flatforms here.
      • Are flatforms comfortable?
        To judge the comfort of a flatform you first need to ensure that style fits your foot. If you know that the style is the correct size for you, then make a call on whether there is enough padding underneath the foot. Flatforms shouldn’t have an elevated heel height so they should be relatively easy to walk in. We study the fit on our cherrichella flatforms (and on all of our styles). Each style needs to pass through our team of technicians and a wear test from the HQ team before the style is approved for sale. You didn’t hear it from us… but… all of our styles, including our flatforms come in limited size runs.
      • What is a flatform heel?
        Flatforms can often be confused with platforms. Flatforms are shoes that have a raised outsole. They remain flat in overall appearance. Platform soles can be used on boots, sandals, shoes or wedges. The shoes are raised at the front of the style using a platform underneath the upper pattern. The heel is raised above the height of the front of the shoe. In the 90’s, platforms were extremely popular all around the world and girl bands like the Spice Girls made them ultra-cool in the UK. We are currently in love with casual flatforms. Cherrichella flatforms are the perfect summer style. Easy to wear and provides immediate height.
      • What is the difference between a flat and a platform?
        A platform describes the shape used between the upper pattern and the sole that shoe designers use to create height. Platforms can come in numerous heights and can be covered in a variety of materials. Flats are shoes, boots or sandals that are made with a flat sole. There is no visible heel. We are going to take a guess that your very first shoes were flats. Unless your parents were crazy and put you in a pair of platforms! Surely not? Flats can be dressy or casual but the best feature of a flat is the comfort factor. All the cherrichella flats are made with premium materials and disguised comfort features. With free shipping Australia wide, you would be crazy not to check our latest styles here.
      • What is the difference between wedges, flatforms and platforms?
        Wedges are a triangle shaped heel that runs along the entire length of the pattern. Wedge heels can be used on boots, sandals and closed toe shoes. Platforms raise the height of the front part of a shoe. Platforms can be used on boots, sandals, shoes and wedges. They can be chunky or sleek and were particularly popular in the 90’s. Flatforms are similar to wedges but remain flat under foot. There is no heel on a flatform. Flatforms can be shoes or sandals. We love our summer flatforms. Did you know that $1 from every cherrichella flatform sold goes to an Aussie project in need? Together we can make a difference.
      • Are flatforms comfortable?
        Flatforms are uber comfy if you buy the right size. With so many different sizing guides out there, make sure when you are shopping online that you read the product descriptions notes carefully. Obviously when shopping online you can’t feel the weight in your hands but trust us when we say… we make our flatforms light. No more walking around in heavy shoes for you. You will love our flatforms with luscious padded insoles, and premium non-leather materials. Our flatform sandals are the perfect style to wear in summer. Beach, work, bfast, poolside – pick the occasion, you will love them!