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Darcy and Petra thank you for sitting down with us to discuss your new fashion label. We are excited to be launching our first product collab with you both. Give our readers some background on your new label. When did Ambition launch and how did it all start?

Ambition The Label launched on the 1st of September 2022, and the brand came about because we wanted to create a cool sustainable focused clothing line that reflected both our unique fashion styles. We have both grown up in the fashion world and have been promoting so many other client’s fashion brands for years and thought it was about time we created something of our own.

Tell us the back story. How did you both meet?

We met 4 or so years ago when Darcy was working for Bumble Australia and Petra was working in marketing for a Melbourne clothing boutique. We actually met at a Bumble networking event and connected straight away. We both had (and still have) big visions, dreams, and goals. We’re from completely different ends of the earth. Darcy grew up on a farm in Victoria and Petra grew up in Zagreb, Croatia. Despite two very different upbringings, we share similar values, morals and goals which made us confident we were both aligned when starting a business of our own together. 

When you were both growing up did you ever think you would own a fashion label?

While growing up, we were both thrown straight into the fashion world. Darcy started modelling at the age of 8 and Petra always loved styling and fashion and actually owns a clothing boutique in Croatia with her mum. I think we both dreamed of being in the fashion industry in some way or another, but always thought that owning our own line was out of reach... but look at us now, dreams coming true.


You design your collections together. How does the design process work?

We sit down together and discuss what we want to create, draw it up and send it over to our manufacturers. There’s a lot of research involved. Discovering what we think will be popular and then we do a few rounds of sampling before we are completely happy with the final pieces of the collection. It’s an extensive process, to make sure we are both happy with the final product before going full steam ahead.

Tell us about your current collection. What has performed really well?

Our current collection is a limited edition organic terry towelling collection. This first collection has been performing really well and our statement colours (blue, green and beige) have really helped to make our mark and be seen in the industry. Terry towelling is a very popular material in summer because it’s light and easy to throw on over bathers. We can't wait to see our beautiful customers wearing it as the weather gets warmer throughout the rest of the year. In terms of what has been popular… our pants, crop and short dress have been selling the strongest as they’re super, super cute outfits!


We can certainly relate to starting a new fashion label. It’s not easy! As two young entrepreneurs, what have you learnt in the early stages of owning Ambition The Label?

We have learned SO much already it's crazy! There is so much more involved than we initially thought but we’re having a lot of fun with it. We have learnt the importance of knowing our customers and what they want to wear (not just what we want haha). We’ve also learnt the importance of not second guessing yourself too much. We can be extremely hard on ourselves at times, but you just need to trust your gut and go for it. 

What advice would you give to anyone thinking about starting their own brand?

GO FOR IT. As cliche as it sounds, if you want something bad enough, just go for it. Everyone is so scared of failing but whether you succeed or you fail, you're constantly learning. Never ever be embarrassed about of failing. Learn from it and start again. 


Loving this first drop - congratulations. What can we can expect from your next collection?

Hmmm how do we give hints without giving too much away haha! Expect both style and warmth. We aren't great at keeping secrets because we are soooo excited… stay tuned

Petra, there is a rumour you own more than 60 pairs of shoes!? Can you tell us what you love most about the co-designed Mojito Slide that we have launched this season?

It's true! I couldn't tell you the exact number but it's definitely over 60! Darcy and I are both so happy with the final product that we have launched with cherrichella. We had a concept that we brought to you, knowing that our clothing label was going to heavily feature terry towelling in the first drop. We were over the moon to know you were on the same wavelength and actually had something very similar to our initial idea concept. I love the colours (and of course the material) and the fact that the slide can be easily adjusted with the velcro fastening. 

The Mojito Slide is produced in six colours and only in a very small production run. These are true limited edition slides. Shop the complete collection here.


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