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Feb 11, 2022

Sofie Carfi - Revival Runway

The fashion industry, like most industries, has been faced with numerous challenges over the last couple of years. The pandemic has forced many businesses to close or to rethink the way they operate. One not-for-profit business that has made it its mission to support local designers is doing everything they can to help raise the profiles of these fashion brands. We sat down with Sofie Carfi from Revival Runway in the lead up to the company's fashion parade being showcased at the end of the month.

Thanks for sitting down with cherrichella Sofie. What exactly is Revival Runway and when did it launch? 

Revival Runway launched in 2019 with the mission to promote independent Australian designers via live events and content creation in the form of editorials and creative images. We felt that many independent designers had a lot to juggle and we wanted to help them stand out and be noticed.

Revival Runway Fashion Show

Have you always loved fashion and what is your role within the company?

I have! I founded the Revival Runway in 2019, and it is a not for profit run by a growing number of volunteers. My background is actually in finance, I'm a CPA. I also have a Masters in Fashion Entrepreneurship which led me to work with a small wool garment manufacturer/retailer and then I moved into lecturing business subjects to fashion marketing undergraduates. 

You mentioned your company is a not-for-profit. How do you manage to execute at such a high level and how do you discover the designers that you showcase?

Revival Runway works with interns from fashion courses. This provides them with a great opportunity to experience the reality of the fashion business in a variety of formats, from runway shows to fashion films. Without the help of a growing volunteer list we wouldn't be able to achieve what we do.

We run different themed events each time and select the designers based on the theme. Brands are discovered by all our volunteers either through word of mouth or research. For example at the end of this month, we are hosting an outdoor event at the Abbotsford Convent. The theme is ‘Summer Daze’, so we focused on feminine brands highlighting colour, fun and freedom.

In June we are hosting an event at the Third Day which has an industrial aesthetic. This show will focus on streetwear, more casual and youth orientated designers. Our last event scheduled for the year is a sit-down afternoon tea which focuses on higher end fashion.

Revival Runway Fashion Show BTS

As you know, the fashion industry faces many challenges today, how has the industry changed in your opinion since you launched Revival Runway?

Revival Runway launched before the pandemic and we now find ourselves very relevant in the fashion scene because there has never been a more important time to support local businesses. Consumer sentiment is slowly changing and people are becoming more aware of where their products are coming from. We are also finding more recently that consumers are wanting to support local industry.

What advice would you give a new designer starting in the industry today?

The advice I would give a new fashion brand would be to know who your customers are and to cater for those customers by giving them the best product and service possible. It will be a lot of hard work, for a long time, but if you do your research, are passionate about your product, and know your customer, then you will reap the rewards. Success will not come overnight but over time and over a lot of work!

Revival Runway - Fashion Show

Great advice! Lastly, we couldn't let you go without asking what your favourite type of footwear is?

My favourite type of footwear is definitely boots! I have always loved boots of all styles and colours and I’m so glad I live in Melbourne because I wear them all year round!

We cannot wait to showcase our brand at the upcoming event. To purchase a front row seat at Summer Daze by Revival Runway - click here.

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