Trend Spotlight: The Comeback of Clogs

cherrichella clogs for women

Spring is a time of revival and one shoe trend is making a controversial comeback - women’s clogs. Yes, you heard us. Modern versions of the humble clog have already been spotted on the runways of this year’s designer fashion shows (including Hermès and Stella McCartney), so it’s no surprise that clog sandals are taking the spotlight as a major spring-summer trend in Australia. Whether we’re in or out of lockdown, our love for casual chic yet practical styling is now stronger than ever. When it comes to our everyday outfits, we’re never going to settle for just one or the other. That’s why this season’s clogs are here to stay. 

Where did clogs come from?

The oldest surviving pair of clogs in Europe was reportedly found in the Netherlands, dating back to the 1200s. Originally made from a single block of wood, this nostalgic shoe has also popped up in its own unique versions across the world. Traditional clog designs were made for the working class as protective and durable footwear and in modern history, resurfaced in fashion during 60s and 70s with a nod to the bohemian trend. 

cherrichella Lucy Clog in White

What makes the shoe?

While the clogs in history were made for protection and not comfort, you’ll find that the modern versions can be worn all day. The classic of today’s clogs usually feature leather or leather-look uppers, but the fashion world is getting creative with all kinds cruelty-free materials including embroidered fabrics, woven textures like raffia and even neoprene for a sport-luxe spin. Designers have also done their bit in sole-searching by exploring materials for the soles beyond wood, like rubber, for more flexibility and comfort. But don’t worry, even today’s styles never forget their roots and still pay homage to the iconic shape of the sole where the bottom of the toe is curved up, allowing the foot to bend a little as we walk. Here at cherrichella HQ, we’ve taken our favourite elements of this iconic shoe to bring you the perfect heeled clogs to wear all spring and summer. Inspired by the minimal look, the thick straps and statement buckle ensures a secure wrap around almost every foot shape. We love the sturdy sole with a rubber finishing, and a mid-height heel that can be dressed up or down. 

How to wear clogs now?

Today, women’s clogs come in plenty of styles that are less clunky and more charming for everyday wear, earning that permanent spot in our shoe collection. Our cherrichella clogs are a classic with a touch of Scandi-chic. Here are 3 ways to wear them from now and throughout the warmer months.

#1 - Just add socks

Socks and clogs may sound like another controversial topic and some might say they’re the partners in fashion crime. But they’re the unsung heroes that complete your transeasonal wardrobe and allow you to wear your favourite styles in practical ways during the cooler days. Wear your cherrichella heeled clogs with a pair of knitted calf-length socks for a cottage-core-meets-city look that also keeps you snug, wherever you go. 

Fashion Clogs & Socks

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#2 - Get cosy, stay chic 

The long-line cardigan and clogs join forces to become another strong duo for your transeasonal and spring outfits. Oozing that effortless style that works to take you from your first morning coffee through to your afternoon errands and pick-ups. Pick your favourite cut of relaxed jeans in a light wash, add a simple T-shirt and stick to a minimalist cardigan with clean lines for a put-together look that still feels incredibly cosy.

Fashion Clogs for Women

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#3 - Keep it (business) casual

Whether you’re working from home or at the office, it is surprisingly easy to create a smart casual look, complete with clogs! Forget the uncomfortable office heels, the secret is to pair your cherrichella clogs with tailored-cut clothes including slim-fit or tapered pants and relaxed blazers. Cuffing your shirt sleeves or pants can also immediately add that extra smart detail to your entire outfit. 

Black Clogs for women

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