Trend Spotlight: Fisherman Sandals

Fisherman Sandals

Picture above: cherrichella Luna Fisherman Sandal launching 29.8.21

Meet the new women’s shoe trend of 2021 that’s about to take you effortlessly from spring to summer. You may have seen (and worn) the humble fisherman sandals before, but they’re back and they’re giving us more reasons to hang those sky-high heels up in the wardrobe. If you’re feeling a wave of nostalgia, we get it. Remember your summer days as a kid, when you spent every daylight hour running around your neighbourhood with your friends? Now, remember those chunky sandals that would keep up with you? Just like us, these sandals grew up and went through a major grow up to become the shoes of the season. Let’s take a step back to revisit this iconic shoe’s origin, its fans through time, and how we wear them today.

Where did this shoe come from?

As the name suggests, fisherman sandals were worn centuries ago by European men out at sea who needed quick-draining shoes. Over time, these caged sandals became a staple for kids all over the world (think sparkly, jellied versions) as well as for our parents, having lovingly earned the ‘dad sandal’ nickname. Today, both classic and modern designs of these flat strappy sandals have travelled their ways from the sea to the city, adding a touch of nonchalance to our everyday outfits. 

What makes the shoe?

You can spot a classic fisherman sandal by its defining features: The signature T-bar, a caged silhouette created by interwoven straps that are usually chunky and made from leather, and a simple buckle fastening at the ankle. Today’s adaptations come in closed-toe and open-toe styles - for an open-toe sandal, you’ll find our latest cherrichella Luna Fisherman Sandal, available in black, white and nude.

How to wear the fisherman sandal

Beneath every strong woman is a sturdy, supportive shoe that just so happens to also be cute. These summer sandals are now so versatile that they’ve stepped up to a year-round status (just add socks during the cooler days). If you ask us, they’re truly the ‘catch’ of every day. (Sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves.)

#1 - Effortlessly efficient

Fisherman sandal in black

Dressing down your tailored pieces with a pair of fisherman sandals will achieve a laid back yet pulled-together look. Whether your day is spent in the office or you're just knocking off for some afternoon drinks, the fisherman sandal will have you feeling styling and comfy. Think oversized button-up shirts and straight linen pants or in this case, some cropped pants and a simple T. Depending on your usual wardrobe tones of choice, we recommend wearing classic black fisherman sandals. 

#2 - Urban adventures

Black dad sandals

Wear your fisherman sandals with relaxed jeans or oversized overalls even if your furthest outing is the local laundromat! Pair with a classic white T-shirt for a look that always works. This relaxed styling approach will take you to the farmer’s market to brunch dates in a comfortably chic look. It’s also the ideal outfit for an active day of biking or strolling around the city. Opt for a black or nude fisherman sandal for that light spring-to-summer style.

#3 - Vacay at home

White fisherman sandals

Don’t you miss wandering the streets of neighbourhoods around the world? Until we can travel again, put on your favourite shorts (we’re a fan of the ones with ripped edges) for a feminine-meets-rugged appeal that will transport you to your past holidays, even if you’re just grabbing a coffee down the street. If you’re looking for styles that remind you of Greek islands, then opt for a fresh white or nude pair of fisherman sandals.

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