How To Style The Bucket Hat

Say hello to the new women’s hat trend of 2022. We know what you're thinking though... you've seen it before, but how do you actually style the classic bucket hat? We take a closer look at the hat making waves this season and show you how cherrichella has interpreted this fashion trend.

The best women's bucket hats come in all sorts of colours and materials, giving you every reason to add a splash of colour to your summer wardrobe. If you’re feeling nostalgic, we totally get it. Remember those summer holidays, when you took road trips down to the beach and spent most of the day lounging around in the sun in your favourite kinis, with your mum in the background reminding you to slip, slop, slap and "leave your hat on"? Well, the casual bucket hat has come a long way since those days and cherrichella has reinvigorated the bucket hat trend with a pop of colour and some funky materials that will definitely turn heads on the beach or at your local bar. Before we get into our favourite new cherrichella bucket hat, let’s take a trip down memory lane to understand where the bucket hat originated.

What is a bucket hat?

Also know as the fisherman’s hat, the bucket hat is a hat with a short, downward sloping brim that connects completely with the entire crown of the hat. Usually made with soft materials such as canvas, cord or wool, this versatile hat can be folded up and put inside your pocket which was a major appeal when the hat was originally conceived. It was first sighted in high fashion in the early 60’s and has had multiple revivals thanks to popularity amongst festival attendees.

Where did the bucket hat originate from?

The bucket hat was said to have originated in the early 1900s and as the name suggests, the fisherman hat was designed for Irish fisherman who wanted a functional hat that would protect them in the rain. Originally made in tweed or wool, the appeal of the hat was it could easily fit inside a coat pocket and could be reshaped using the steam from a kettle. The bucket hat was used in the Vietnam war but really came back into popularity in the 60’s when it was worn by members of the Mod culture.  

When did bucket hats become popular?

The bucket hat has always been a functional hat used by both men and women, but it wasn’t until the early 80’s that rappers such as LL Cool J and Run-DMC started wearing the bucket hat which helped make it popular again as a fashion accessory. In the 90’s the bucket hat remained in street fashion culture and ever since, the hat has remained a controversial look that has fluctuated in and out of style.  

How to wear the bucket hat?

Other than the health benefit of wearing the bucket hat, ie protecting your head and face from the sun, the hat can be a tricky accessory to pull-off with style. Do you leave the brim down? Do you pop the brim up? Do you cover your face or wear it back slightly and show more of your face? So many things to consider! Here are out top tips to style your bucket hat.

#1 – Splash Some Colour


Don't be afraid to go bright and bold with your bucket hat choice. If you're going to rock this look don't have any reservations and be confident in your choice. Sit the hat slightly back on the crown of you head and pair your new bucket hat with an equally bright blazer or t-shirt, keeping your bag neutral. Why not add a pop of colour in your heels or sneakers to complete the look? Like the look of this orange bucket hat? Check out out Brooklyn Bucket Hat here.

#2 - Keep it on the Street


It grew to fashion heights in the 90's with street culture fashion, so keep this in mind when you pull on your favourite denim and casual Sunday tee. As Hailey Beiber shows here, this laidback look will give that "I just woke up like this" vibe and help you ooze confidence. Try wearing our Brooklyn Bucket Hat in coffee shearling with the brim covering your face to complete this look.

#3 - Go Green


It's no surprise the colour green has flooded the fashion scene this season. Green dresses, green shoes, so why not green hats? Splash a small touch of this must-have colour this season, by pairing back with an all black look or a simple white dress. We have the perfect pair of green slides that would complete this look if you're adventurous enough to match your accessories. Shop our bucket hat in green here to complete this casual chic look.

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