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      • What is a Pump?
        A Pump is an enclosed shoe with a heel of any height. The front end of the shoe covers the toes and can either be round, square, almond or tapered into a point. Pumps are a great dress item of footwear and can be made from a number of colours. We love our casual cherrichella pumps, especially for those cooler mornings. Being closed toe, they are the perfect style of footwear to throw on with a pair of jeans and a casual jacket to hit the shops or meet your bestie for breaky. Check out our latest heels here.
      • Are pumps and court shoes the same?
        Pumps and court shoes are the same. They describe a shoe with a low-cut front that often uses a bow or buckle for superficial fastening. The British English refers to these particular styles as Court Shoes and American English refers to the same style as pumps. The most common court shoes or pumps are made using flat soles. Originally designed for formal occasions they were worn by both men and women. Our cherrichella flats prefer to take a more casual interpretation of these looks. Knowing that $1 from every shoe sold supports an Aussie project in need, they are the perfect style to wear this season.
      • What makes a shoe a pump?
        There are many different shoe designs, however the pump is one of the more historic styles. A pump is recognised by having a close toe and a low-cut vamp. They can be made flat or on a heel. Traditionally they were made flat and decorated with a buckle or bow. They were commonly made in black and from dress materials such as velvet, suede, patent and leather. More recently they have been particularly popular on pointed toe heels and as ballet pumps. At cherrichella we prefer to interpret them casually and pairing them back with denim. Summer or winter, they are the perfect style of footwear to wear over the weekend.
      • Why do they call shoes pumps?
        The word “pumps” derived from the French word “pompes”. Dating back to the 16th century, pompes were closed toe shoes that were worn by both men and servants. They then evolved into pumps which is the American term for this type of footwear and started to be designed with embellishments. They have since then been developed on heels. Closed toe pumps are the perfect style of footwear to wear to work. Nude pumps or black pumps are both great neutral colours to wear with formal clothing.
      • What does a pump look like?
        Pumps are easy to recognise because they are closed toe and usually have a low-cut vamp. They can be decorated with buckles or a bow. One of the more common pumps is the ballet pump. A soft structured flat that ballet dancers use to perform in. The pump can be made flat or using a heel and the foot must be able to slip into the pattern without having to undo laces or straps. It is usually a simple design that can be worn casually or dressed up.
      • What is the difference between a pump and a stiletto?
        A pump is a style of shoe. It can be defined as being a closed toe shoe that is low-cut at the front of the pattern. A stiletto is actually a type of heel. People often mistakenly refer to a shoe style as a stiletto. In fact, a stiletto can be defined as a very thin and usually very high heel. The heel tapers nearly to a point where it comes into contact with the ground. Pumps on the other hand can be designed flat or with a heel. More recently pumps have been designed using stiletto heels to create a sleek sexy closed toe heel. Usually made in fantastic neutrals, stiletto pumps are the perfect heels to wear out at night with a cocktail dress.
      • Are pumps heels?
        Pumps are shoes. Not heels. They can however be made using a heel. The basic definition of a pump is a closed toe shoe with a low-cut vamp. They were originally designed back in the 1500’s as a flat shoe. Worn by both men and servants, the original name came from the French word “Pompes”. In more recent times, pumps have been designed using heels. Stiletto heels, block heels, sculpted heels. There are so many types of heels that can be used to create the perfect looking pump. We love our cherrichella pumps!