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Your shoedrobe needs an update? We have you covered. If you’re looking for the perfect block heel, spring summer mules or just a fresh pair of sandals to slide on, then look no further.

Did you know that cherrichella footwear is only made in an exclusive number of sizes? Keep your eyes peeled on our fresh new arrivals so you don’t miss out on your size. With speedy Australian shipping they will be in your hands and on your feet in no time!

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  • What is the difference between a heel, pump and a stiletto?
    Did you know that the heel can be defined as the back part of your foot underneath your ankle and behind the arch? When people refer to heels on a shoe, it’s the uplift used to raise a flat soled shoe. Heels come in many different shapes – Cone heels, Cuban heels, Block heels, Wedge heels and more. They are covered in a variety of materials: leather, synthetic, velvet and even wood. Check out our latest styles here.

    Pumps are defined as being a closed toe shoe, most commonly made with a low-cut front. They can be flat or heeled but the most common use of the word “pumps” describes a closed toe shoe with a stiletto heel. A great choice of heel to wear to a first interview.

    A stiletto is a type of heel which is usually recognised by the long, thin shape of the heel. It’s a common term used to generalise high heels. These types of heels are usually not the first type of heel you would learn to walk in. If you are new to high heels or learning how to walk in heels, stilettos are not as sturdy as a low heel or a block heel. They are most commonly worn to provide height. They are a perfect choice of style to wear out at night for short periods of time.
  • How do I walk in high heels?

    When you think about it, we all first learnt how to walk barefoot. No shoes at all. Then our very first shoes were flat. If you are like us, it’s not until you were probably in your teen years that you started wearing heels. Low heels to begin with. Gradually moving to a mid block heel and then onto high heels. Like anything in life, to be good at something takes practice. Thousands of hours of practice and you might even become an expert! We focus on mid heels using wearable heel heights (6cm or 2.4 inches). Combining these types of block heels with concealed comfort features like our padded insoles, means the cherrichella heels are a perfect heel to wear for longer periods of time. Scared of walking in heels? Don’t be. Try wearing them for a short period of time and definitely start with a block heel. Take a walk in some of these heels.

  • How should high heels fit?

    The test for finding the perfect fitting high heels is to make sure you feel secure and comfortable. If you’re shopping for a slide, mule or even a stiletto pump, then make sure that the style is secure. That your foot holds firm inside the pattern. Make sure that there is support around your heel. That you aren’t slipping out of the pattern. Or that your toes are not feeling cramped because the front of the style is too tight. If you are wearing a high heel sandal with an ankle strap, make sure the strap fastens. The strap shouldn’t cut off your ankles or be loose enough that your foot moves within the shoe when you walk.   We have years of industry experience and a technician team behind us to get the fit correct. We pay particular attention to how to foot holds within our heels

  • Where did high heels come from?

    It was actually men who were first to wear high heels. They would wear them to convey their status. Heels were particularly popular in France during the 16th century. High heels later gained popularity (and have remained popular) in women’s fashion. As comfort is now an important feature in fashion, we have concentrated on mid heels. Heel heights that you can easily wearable. Using exceptional non-leather materials and interesting heel shapes is important to us. We produce our styles in limited size runs. Equality is something we value. No matter what gender you are; we encourage you to try our latest heels

  • Who invented stilettos high heels?

    Stilettos are long thin heels that are often used in shoe designs on both shoes and boots. They give the wearer immediate height. It was named the stiletto due to the sharpness of the heel shape. The name “stiletto” originated from the stiletto dagger. It’s difficult to say who exactly designed this type of heel. There is evidence that the heel was worn in the late 19th century, but increased in popularity in the 50’s and 60’s.   The style of heel became so popular that people began referring to the entire shoe as a stiletto. Rather than the correct meaning which is the type of heel. 

  • Why do women wear high heels?

    Heels were originally worn to emphasize social status and to extenuate the calf muscles. Originally worn by men, the same reason applied to women when they first began wearing high heels. We choose to wear them because we love feeling a tiny bit taller. We wear heels for all sorts of events. Weddings, cocktails, BBQs, date nights, christenings, work, Sunday morning bfasts, taking the pooch for a walk, even ice creams in the park! Ok we might be obsessed with our heels !!

  • How long can you wear high heels?

    How long have you tried wearing high heels for? How long do you want to wear them for? If they are comfortable, then wear them for as long as you like. We are not here to tell you not to wear high heels. We love our heels, but we also love things in moderation. We wouldn’t recommend standing in high heels for longer than a 3-5 hour period. At the end of the day you should feel comfortable with your choice of footwear. If your feet begin to hurt, then you will know for next time how long you can wear them. You may decide to wear a lower heel or even one of our block heels which we make using hidden comfort features like our padded insoles.  

  • Is it illegal to drive in high heels?

    In Australia (and our hometown of Melbourne) it is not illegal to wear heels while driving. It’s actually not illegal to drive barefoot. Or with thongs! These are both common misconceptions. Despite knowing this (and loving our heels), we would urge on the caution of safety. We recommend driving in flats. The ability to control a dangerous vehicle is safer in sneakers or closed toe flats. Check these flats out for a smooth drive.

  • Are high heels bad for you?

    High heels are certainly bad for you if they cause you pain. Most common reasons for this are:

    • - You are wearing the wrong size
    • - The fit or design has been poorly made
    • - You have worn them for an extended period of time

    Wearing high heels takes practice. No matter your choice of high heels: block heels, stiletto heels, or platform heels. High heels were not the first choice of footwear that your parents taught you to walk in. (At least we hope they weren’t!) When purchasing a pair of high heels, make sure you know your shoe size. Check the size guide before purchasing online. Consider trying a style that uses a block heel. This will help to distribute your weight evenly across your pair of heels.  

  • Where can I buy womens sandals?

    Our womens sandals are sold in limited size runs. Don’t miss out. For all the inside goss, latest styles and promos. Sign up to our VIP list here. $1 from every shoe purchase goes to an Aussie project in need. Together we can make a difference. All cherrichella styles are currently exclusively sold through our site. Keen to wholesale our brand? Want more info? Have an idea for a collab? Just bored and want someone to talk with? Hit us up at

  • Can men wear womens sandals?

    Of course they can! What makes them women’s sandals in the first place? Obviously, the same quality and size checks would need to take place. Provided the foot fits securely and comfortably inside the sandal then we don’t see why gender should prevent anyone from wearing our sandals. Cherrichella sandals are made in European sizes 36-41 and are made using European size lasts. With free shipping Australia wide it’s easy to order and try them on in the comfort of your own home. #winning

  • What are the best womens walking sandals?

    If you are about to set off on a long walk, or you are walking on a mission, then the best type of womens sandals to choose would be a flat sandal. Why not try a footbed sandal that will mould to your feet? Make sure the sandal has enough straps to cover the front of your foot. Across the toes. Your ankles and heels should be held firmly inside the pattern by using a sturdy ankle strap. Walk. Run. Hop. Skip. Jump. Whichever method you use to get there, check out our latest footbed sandals here.

  • Are sandals bad for your feet?
    A sandal is an open toe style of footwear. Sandals can come flat, on a wedge and of course on many different heel shapes. Like any shoe, you MUST make sure that the style fits your foot perfectly to avoid causing any foot problems. They key to making this happen is to check out the online size guide and with all of our sandals they come with free shipping Australia wide. This makes it super easy to ensure that your foot fits our sandals.

    Handy tip: If you are wearing sandals out in the sunshine, don’t forget to put sunscreen on your feet to protect them from  sunburn.
  • What do sandals symbolise?

    Sandals have been around for many years. They were worn in ancient times and one of the most common sandals is the Roman sandal. Often made from leather straps, these sandals were worn by both men and women. They were the perfect type of footwear to wear in the hottest part of the day. Nowadays, flat sandals symbolise a casual look. Aussies in particular love to dress casually and we have based our entire collection around casual living. Check out our new arrivals for the latest looks.

  • Are geta sandals good for you?

    Geta Sandals are a traditional type of Japanese sandal. The common look of the Geta sandal is a flip-flop upper, raised on the base of a wooden clog bottom. Often the uppers can be made in fabric to make them stand out. Taking inspiration from this type of footwear check out our Cedar heels which is the perfect flip-flop upper on a wooden block heel. Available in multiple colours. Limited size runs. Be sure to snap them up while stocks last.

  • Should I size up or down for sandals?

    This is a very common question. It shouldn’t be that complicated right? Unfortunately, with thousands of shoe brands from all over the world and multiple sizing guides it makes it terribly difficult for you. We hear you! Each style is going to fit differently because they can be made using different sandal lasts and different outsole materials. We provide fitting comments on all our styles so make sure you read the notes in our product descriptions. Always check out our size guide. With free shipping Australia wide, you can feel comfortable trying our sandals on at home. Did you know that when you purchase any of our sandals, $1 goes to an Aussie project in need? Together we can make a difference.     

  • How should sandals fit in the back?

    The last thing you want is your heels hanging out the back of your sandas. Right? This is a major red flag that the style is too small for you. You also don’t want your feet being squished in at the front because the straps are so tight. Ouch!!  Your foot should sit perfectly straight when you slide your feet into your new pair of sandals. Your heel should sit comfortably at the back. If the sandal has an ankle strap, then it should fasten without any restrictions. It can’t be too loose. Or too tight. Ok slide them on and take them for a spin. We pay particular attention to the fit of all of our sandals so why not try some of these?

  • What are the types of sandals?

    There are so many different types of sandals! Firstly, a sandal is simply an open style of shoe that exposes your feet. They can be made on flat soles. Wedge soles. Even heels. Thongs or flip-flops are one of the most common types of flat sandals. Other types of sandals you might find are Roman sandals, leg-tie sandals, peep toe sandals, platform sandals, high heeled sandals, caged sandals, espadrille sandals, flatform sandals, footbed sandals, gladiator sandals. You get this gist, right? There are so many versions of sandals.

    At cherrichella, we love making super cool, comfortable sandals no matter whether they are flat or on a heel. Check out our latest sandals here to see the latest trends in this category.

  • What sandals are ok for work?

    Firstly, you should ask yourself, can I wear sandals to work? If you are a zookeeper then maybe sandals aren’t the best type of footwear to wear to work. If you are a pro surfer then fantastic, can you teach us how to surf? Seriously though, we have some really stylish sandals to choose from that would be great for work. If you can wear a flat sandal to work, why not choose one of our footbed sandals which are uber comfortable and mould to your feet? If you need a little more height, then you have to check out our latest mule sandals – these are killer!

  • What are the sandals with the straps called?

    There are so many different types of sandals with straps. That’s a tough one! Flip-flops, or as us Aussies like to call them “thongs”, are the most common sandal with straps that go over the top of your feet. Many sandals have ankle straps to hold your feet into the pattern. The straps themselves can come in many different materials, shapes and colours. They can have embellishments on them, buckles, clips and even be long enough to tie around your ankles multiple times. Check out our new arrivals to stay on top of the latest sandal trends.

  • What’s the difference between a flat sandal and a footbed sandal?

    A footbed sandal is a particular type of flat sandal. Sandals are an open toe style of footwear that have straps across the insteps and often use an ankle strap to hold the foot inside the style. Many sandals can be made with heels or wedges, but the most comfortable type of sandal is the flat sandal. This is an open toe style, made using a flat sole which means it provides no added height. To go one step further in the level of comfort, footbed sandals were developed to provide more support underneath the foot. Often using EVA padding to act as a type of memory foam which provides cushioning comfort. We love ranging footbed sandals in our cherrichella collection because they are the ultimate in hidden comfort without compromising on style. Check out our latest flat sandals to see our take on the newest trends.